Water Efficiency

Since 2017 (2 year period) have reduced our water usage by 59% per guest.

• We monitor the shower aerators as well as water flow in taps in kitchen.

• Urinals in bathrooms flush every 2 hours and we spot check this regularly too.

• We operate a towel & linen re-use programme in the bedrooms. 

• We incentivise the guests to not have their room serviced by giving them a 5 euro bar voucher and there has been a very positive uptake on this offering.

• Our washing machine has eco-friendly programmes pre-programmed to ensure that we are saving as much energy and water as possible.

• We harvest rainwater and have a 6500 litre tank in the garden saving 2 cubic metres of water per day.

• Installed new grease traps and upgraded the waste treatment plant (tertiary treatment system) has been installed.

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