In the new Barn built in 2018, we installed 9 Daikin Ducted Indoor Units connected to 3 Outdoor Units. Each Indoor Unit has a cooling capacity of 6kw and a heating capacity of 7kw.This is a very energy efficient form of heating and the system has a COP of 4.5. In other words for every 1 kw of electrical power consumed it provides 4.5kw of heating. This efficiency is far in excess of any other type of electric heating and far more efficient than oil or gas.

We also installed 2 no Daikin Heat Recovery Ventilation Units that provide the air changes in the room. These units combined have a total air volume of 4000m3/hr. From a sustainability point of view these units are very energy efficient due to the way they operate which is as follows: In Wintertime the Air Conditioning maintains the temperature in the space and the warm extracted air from the space passes over a plate heat exchanger in the Daikin Heat Recovery Ventilation Units which preheats the fresh air entering the space. In effect the warm air leaving the building heats the air coming in without the need for a heater battery or heating LPHW coil. The efficiency of this plate heat exchanger is approximately 80%. In summertime there is a bypass switch on the Heat Recovery Ventilation Units which allows fresh air into the building without pre heating it which reduces the load on the Air Conditioning System therefore saving energy and reducing electricity consumption. 

'This project has been part-funded by the LEADER programme, through the National Development Plan and by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.'





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