Hotel Doolin Green Iniatives

• Harvesting our own Rain Water.

• 50 foot polytunnel, where we grow our own vegetables and herbs reducing supplier mileage.

• For every wedding that is booked, we plant 10 native trees on the land at Moyhill Community Garden charity.  Each tree offsets 1 tonne of carbon.  In 2 years, we have planted 1700 trees offsetting 1700 tonnes of carbon.  We used 135 tonne of carbon to run the hotel in 2018 therefore we are actually carbon positive!

• We stock organic bath & soap products in our rooms from the Voya range; there are no single use plastics in guest bedrooms.

• We send e-invoices to reduce the amount of paper.

• Our waste is segregated throughout the hotel to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill & have a strong recycling system in place.

• Charge point for electric cars, this is offered free of charge.

• We use compostable disposables and do not use any single use plastics.

• We do not sell any plastic bottles of soft drinks or water saving circa 20,000 plastic bottles being sold per annum.

• We have a no disposable cup policy for the staff.

• We offer guests who bring their own keepcup a 30c discount on tea/coffee.

• Any guests who arrive by bicycle get a free cup of tea/coffee.

• We continuously make efforts to get our suppliers to remove packaging and take it back with them.

• In 2018, the Eco-Barn that was built to replace the Marquee at Hotel Doolin for weddings.  It is fully sound-proofed &has a state of the art sound system., it is an A-rated building with a sustainable heating and cooling system. 

• We sell fairtrade coffee.

• We upcycle materials.  In the Eco-Barn the bar counter is made from old whiskey barrels and the lampshades are made from old fisherman’s eel baskets from Sligo. 

• Tissue used is made from old milk cartons.  

• We buy 70% of our food produce from local suppliers (30 mile radius).  

• At our 2017, 2018 & 2019 festivals, all attendees were given a We do not use any single use plastic glasses at the festivals.  

• The Do Not Disturb Signs in the bedrooms are made from wood and not paper as is the case in most hotels.

• We utilise our own homemade compost in the polytunnel.  

• We “adopt a hedgerow” – the team chooses an area of the local road and cleans out the hedgerow & do village clean-ups.

• We promote sustainable transport and encourage use of public transport and shuttle bus to the Cliffs of Moher.

• We make most of the wedding cakes in-house which reduces supplier mileage saving 6400 miles per year.

• The heating system in the hotel is an air to water heating system; it maintains an ambient temperature of 21.5 degrees in the bedrooms and corridors of the hotel.  It has resulted in 68% reduction in oil in two years.

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