Leave No Trace

The Staff and Management of Hotel Doolin are committed to our Green Hospitality Programme. Our three P’s are People, Planet and Profit and our aims are to Reduce, Re-use & Recycle! Hotel Doolin is committed to sustainability in every facet of the business.

This programme aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the hotel by reducing waste, water and energy use throughout the hotel. In our first year we received the Silver award and since then have been awarded the highest award of Platimun in 2013, an award that only 8 other hotels in ireland posses! Hotel Doolin won best medium Sized organisation 2018 & 2019 at the Green Awards as well as the Tourism & Entertainment Award in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

All of our staff and management have a role to play in our program from Danny in the kitchen, who oversees waste management in this area to Suphoj in the garden who makes it possible for us to grow our own deliciously fresh vegetables and herbs in the poly tunnel. Our staff are introduced to the program at induction stage and are encouraged to give their own feedback on any improvements that they can see would help us reduce our carbon footprint.


There have been many changes to the Hotel since we implemented our Green Program including:

• Harvesting our own Rain Water.
• We have raised beds now and we are hoping to gain more yield from our vegetables and herbs for the hotel.
• Building a Polytunnel and garden, were we grow our own vegetables and herbs which in turn are used in our recipes for the Chervil Restaurant & Fitz’s Bar.
• We now stock organic bath & soap products in our rooms from the Voya range. No single use plastics.
• We send e-invoices where possible to reduce the amount of paper that we use and also re-use paper at the front desk and offices.
• Our waste is segregated throughout the hotel to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and recycled as much as possible.

• Charge point for electric cars, this is offered free of charge.
• We have a no disposable cup policy for the staff. We use compostable disposables and have no single use plastics.

• We offer 30 cent off if you bring your own cup for take-away coffee.

• We sell fairtrade coffee.

• We do not sell any plastic bottles of soft drinks or water. We only sell glass bottles in all outlets.

• In 2018, the Barn was built. It is a fully sound-proofed A rated building with a state of the art sound system and has a sustainable heating and cooling system.

• Where possible we try to upcycle rather than disposing of items. Examples include in the Barn where the bar counter is made from old whiskey barrels and the lampshades are made from old fisherman's eel baskets from Co. Sligo.

• Tissue used in the guest bedrooms & Barn is 100% ecological paper and is FSC registered which means that it is a prodcut made from recycled paper.

• We buy 75% of our produce from local suppliers.

• The Do Not Disturb Signs in the bedrooms are made from wood and not paper as is the case in most hotels.

• We "Adopt a Hedgerow" - the team chooses an area of the local road and cleans out the hedgerow. We clean our village on a regular basis.

• As part of the Cliffs of Moher & Burren Geopark, we follow a code of practice which is established by them, this code of practice is reviewed by external reviewers every year.

Hotel Doolin scored 96% in the last audit in 2018.

• For every wedding that takes place at Hotel Doolin, a commitment to plant 10 trees per wedding is made. This is done at Moy Hill Community Farm via hometree.ie.

• The team make most of the wedding cakes in-house which reduces supplier mileage equating to approximately 6400km per annum.

• The heating system in the hotel is an air to water heating system and maintains an ambient temperature of 21.5 degrees celcius in the hotel.


In the new Barn built in 2018, we installed 9 Daikin Ducted Indoor Units connected to 3 Outdoor Units. Each Indoor Unit has a cooling capacity of 6kw and a heating capacity of 7kw.This is a very energy efficient form of heating and the system has a COP of 4.5. In other words for every 1 kw of electrical power consumed it provides 4.5kw of heating. This efficiency is far in excess of any other type of electric heating and far more efficient than oil or gas.

We also installed 2 no Daikin Heat Recovery Ventilation Units that provide the air changes in the room. These units combined have a total air volume of 4000m3/hr. From a sustainability point of view these units are very energy efficient due to the way they operate which is as follows: In Wintertime the Air Conditioning maintains the temperature in the space and the warm extracted air from the space passes over a plate heat exchanger in the Daikin Heat Recovery Ventilation Units which preheats the fresh air entering the space. In effect the warm air leaving the building heats the air coming in without the need for a heater battery or heating LPHW coil. The efficiency of this plate heat exchanger is approximately 80%. In summertime there is a bypass switch on the Heat Recovery Ventilation Units which allows fresh air into the building without pre heating it which reduces the load on the Air Conditioning System therefore saving energy and reducing electricity consumption.

Water Efficiency

Since 2017 (2 year period) have reduced our water usage by 59% per guest.

• We monitor the shower aerators as well as water flow in taps in kitchen.

• Urinals in bathrooms flush every 2 hours and we spot check this regularly too.

• We operate a towel & linen re-use programme in the bedrooms.

• We incentivise the guests to not have their room serviced by giving them a 5 euro bar voucher and there has been a very positive uptake on this offering.

• Our washing machine has eco-friendly programmes pre-programmed to ensure that we are saving as much energy and water as possible.

• We harvest rainwater and have a 6500 litre tank in the garden. This will be increased in 2019 so that we can use more rainwater for the toilets of the barn.

• We have 4 shoots running from gutters into pipes bringing rainwater to the tank. We use this water daily for watering plants / polytunnel and cleaning. It is also used for

power hosing the hotel & footpaths. We estimate that this saves 2 cubic metres a day.

• Installed new grease traps and upgraded the waste treatment plant (tertiary treatment system) has been installed.

Minimising Traffic/use of vehicles

• We employ local tradespeople as much as possible.

• We buy most of our produce locally.

• We reward guests who travel to us by bicycle by giving them a complimentary tea/coffee & promote on the website. We also advertise and give them 10% off the room rate

if guests cycle to the hotel.

• We also provide information in our guest information folders in the bedrooms explaining that it is better to take public transport and to car pool if going to a destination. We

recommend taking the shuttle to the Cliffs of Moher instead of travelling by car.

• Information on sustainability is available on www.doolinfestivals.ie and http://www.hoteldoolin.ie/environmental-management-policy.html

• Our staff can avail of a Bike To Work Scheme.

• We organised buses from the local villages to bring people to the festival at no charge instead of driving. Approximately 200 people make use of this service per annum.

• We reduced the number of printed flyers of the festival programmes in 2018 by having the programme painted onto the wall of the venue and encourage people to

screenshot the programme onto their phone.

• We congratulated those that travelled by public transport on the festival itinerary this year.


In 2019, Hotel Doolin hopes to become a carbon negative business!

We have reduced our food waste per cover by 8% in the last two years.

Since 2017 (2 year period) we have reduced our water usage by 59% per guest.

We have raised circa €25,000 per annum in the last 2 years for several charities.

Our Environmental Policy