Minimising Traffic/use of vehicles

• We employ local tradespeople as much as possible. 

• We buy most of our produce locally and grow a lot of produce for our restaurants in our 50-foot polytunnel.

• We reward guests who travel to us by bicycle by giving them a complimentary tea/coffee and promote on the website. We also advertise and give them 10% off the room rate if guests cycle to the hotel.

• The team can avail of a Bike To Work Scheme.  

• We organised buses from the local villages to bring people to Doolin FolkFest instead of driving. Approximately 200 people make use of this service per annum.

• We have not printed programs for Doolin FolkFest since 2019. This has saved circa 15,000 programs from being printed.

• We have an E-Car charger on site at Hotel Doolin.

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