Hotel Doolin and the Local Community

Community Involvement & Corporate Social Responsibility:


•          Hotel Doolin always takes the view to promote Doolin as a destination more than the hotel itself.  The festivals are called “The Doolin Writers’ Weekend”,            “The Doolin Folk Festival”, “The Doolin Surf Fest”.

•          Most of the 120 employees are from the local area. 

•          Hotel Doolin have raised circa €25,000 per annum for the last two years for several charities.

•          In 2017, Hotel Doolin was nominated to the CSR Stakeholder Forum by the Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation:  the working group that we             were nominated to is Environment & Community Dimension and the SDG’s.  This is the government’s plan on how to roll out CSR to organisations across             Ireland.  It was fantastic for them to contact us to ask us to join this group and give our feedback on how we feel that this would work.  We will be                       hosting one of the meetings in October and presenting our CSR work to date in front of companies such as Bord Bia, Transerve, Accenture, DCU, ESB &               UL.  Not bad for a small fish in a big pond!

Other initiatives:  

•          We provide free membership to the local gym& swimming pool for the employees and their families. 

•          We provide employees with free access to weekly yoga in Doolin.

•          We provide all staff with a free nutritional consultation and all management took party in a mindfulness course last year.

•          Our Social Responsibility Team organised a Youthfest in March 2018 where we invited 400 youthclub members from Clare to Hotel Doolin. The festival                    included music, spoken word & Laughter Yoga with the aim of enhancing Youth Mental Health.  Our social responsibility team organized several charity                  events raising €23,457.58 since November 2017 to date-fundraising initiatives and contributions include:

•          We have introduced a wellness Initiative for the Hotel Doolin Team called “Smiling on the Inside”. This includes weekly yoga, a 6 week mindfulness                        course, we have a health staff menu (no charge for their meals) and all staff & their families get complimentary use of the local swimming pool and gym                in Lahinch. We do a monthly staff outing too including rock climbing, caving, kayaking, climbing Caraountoohil last year and Galteemore this year and                    horse-riding.

•          All staff get free access into Doolin Folk Festival. All staff get 25% off any food bill at Hotel Doolin; no restriction on numbers. They get 5% commission                 of any wedding booking that they bring to the hotel.

•          Every employee that starts working in Hotel Doolin receives a full induction day where our green Hospitality efforts and policies are clearly explained                     amongst other Hotel information. We plan on doing a refresher online training session for each employee 6 months after they start (        via Green                       Hospitality).

•          We invest in our team.  We provide training courses both in house and externally.

•          All of these efforts have also given Hotel Doolin several national awards which are listed on  Most recent award                 was winning European Eco-Friendly Hotel of the Year at the Luxury Travel Guide Awards 2018 & Green Medium Sized Organization of the Year at the                     Green Awards in 2018 & A Greener Event at A Greener Festival Awards in London in February 2018.

•          On the 26th of December 2016 the hotel  staff arranged a Run /Walk in aid of Pieta House, we raised €4611.50.

•          We held a quiz night on the 21st of December 2016 for West Clare Taking Care;  a voluntary run charity, based in West Clare. They are a "collective of                  concerned volunteers who can do research and disseminate information." They put together events and courses, including mindfulness and meditation                    practice, as well as helping start a dialogue about mental health...we raised €2000. 

•          On the 6th December 2015, the Hotel Doolin staff organized a Sleep Out to raise funds for The Simon Community, 10 brave employees took on the Wild                Atlantic Winter Weather and raise €1250 in one night.

•         Our chosen charity for 2014 was St. Vincent De Paul. We teamed with this charity to give 15 families a Christmas to be remembered. Hotel doolin                          opened  its doors to St Vincent De Paul members from the 24th of December to the 26th of December 2014. Our generous suppliers and the local                          community got immediately involved & the staff of the hotel volunteered to work shifts throughout Christmas to make sure everyone was cared for in                    this special time of the year. It was a fantastic Christmas for all involved and something our team are very proud off. In combination with this event we                  offered St. Vincent De Paul a 2 night stay with dinner each month during 2015 so that they could give it to people that need a break the most.

•          In 2013 we sponsored Cliodhna's Foundation. Our sports and social committee undertook a number of activities & raised over €3,000.

•          Hotel Doolin sponsored Clare Haven Women's Shelter in Ennis for 2012, undertaking a number of activities including the Burren Peaks Challenge, to raise                funds and awareness for this much needed resource.

•          Hotel Doolin hosted the first Doolin Harley Festival which raised €37,000 for Marie’s foundation; all funds raised from the festival go to local cancer                       charities.

•          Hotel Doolin is involved in a number of local community groups, including the Burren Eco Tourism Network, Doolin Tourism Group, Burren & Cliffs Of                      Moher Geopark and the Tidy Towns Committee with staff members, actively involved with these committees.

•          The Burren Eco Tourism Network is made up of local businesses that endeavour to encourage responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the                       environment and improves the wellbeing of local people. Having common ground with the Green Hospitality program which the hotel participates in, the                 network informs tourists of local eco-friendly products and services that are available in the local food, accommodation, culture, heritage and activity                     sectors. For more information on the Eco-Tourism Network please click here.

•          The Cliffs of Moher and Burren Geopark supports people and organisations to work together to ensure a cared-for landscape, a better understood                            heritage, more sustainable tourism, a vibrant community and strengthened livelihoods for more information on the Geopark please Click Here.

•          The Doolin Heritage Group consists of a few local archaeologists and heritage enthusiasts. The group is currently involved in creating a map for the Doolin              Heritage Trail. The map will highlight a number of walks around the Doolin area with information on archaeological, historical and cultural sites of                          interest. Our involvement in this project means that we will be able to give first hand knowledge of the area to our guests and encourage them to stay a                little longer with us.

•          The Tidy Towns Committee looks after the presentation of Doolin village. The committee is currently involved in updating signage in the village, building                  flower beds, creating picnic areas and planting trees. This will further enhance the already striking area that is Doolin today.

We make a commitment to plant 10 trees per wedding at Moy Hill Community Garden resulting in circa 900 native trees being planted per annum.